Hi! I'm Zane. I'm a Creative Consultant living
in the city of San Diego California.

Let's create something amazing together.


I have more than 10 years combined experience in the fields of branding and design. I have worked with clients of all sizes, primarily startups. I'll work with managing all stages of your creative project guiding you every step of the way to deliver beyond your expectations.

My services include all of the following areas:

Names / Domains

Logos / Branding

Website / Business

Slogans / Tag Lines

Social Media


Ads / Banners

User Interface / Apps

Business Cards

Brochure / Menu

Furniture / Interior

Alternative Design


Brand + Business + Website (Founder, 2017)


Brand + Business + Website (Founder, 2017)

Brand + Business + Website (Founder, 2017)

Name + Business + Website (Founder, 2010)


Logo + Name (Concept, 2009)


Name + Logo

Furniture Concept (2001)

Brand + Business + Website (Founder, 2016)

Name + Logo


I was born in Los Angeles in 1985 and grew up in Honolulu, HI. I've since lived in many of the greatest cities across the United States. I am a creator at heart with a passion for adventure. You'll always find me either creating something new, or trying something new.


Getting in touch with me is easy.

For the quickest response, call me or send me a text message.